Space and Yoga Mats

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It’s been great being back in the teaching arena and although I contemplate teaching on zoom it’s taking me a while to get there between having an active six year old to look after and my home not quite being conducive enough for teaching.  That said I can appreciate the difference between teaching to a YouTube video and the accountability of being in a Zoom class.

As much as I can show up in person and love a class I do love my privacy and the sanctuary of my home and I’ve taken part in a few sessions where the teacher has wanted to then share the recording on social media.

I’ve appreciated the efforts that the gyms I’ve taught at have made to make sure that there is enough spacing between people in class and the deep cleaning that has gone on after some of my classes.

Some of the guidance that has come in now is similar to what I had suggested before.  Especially to bring your own mat.  Partly for hygiene reasons but also for energy and the pleasure of being able to stand on and practice on a mat that is yours and hasn’t been used by others, except those who are close enough to you to practice on the mat.

Sometimes students ask what mat they should buy and below are my top three recommendations. 

Value  –  £10-£20 Yoga Matters Sticky Yoga Mat; If you ever go to the yoga show they tend to sell second hand versions of these mats though obviously this event will be taking place online this year.

Medium spend  – £70-£135  Eco Yoga Mat   Free from Rubber and PVC . Goodness knows I’ve bought a few too many non ethically sound yoga mats in the past.

Luxury  –  Liforme Rainbow Hope Yoga Mat  I’m looking forward to treating myself to one of these mats though they are definitely not the cheapest ones about. I love the ethics behind this company and one way of justifying the spend is that it will last for years and is made ethically.

Image used with thanks to Liforme

I’d love to hear from you and which mat you like to use.

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