Prioryoga is named after the two women who inspired me to practice yoga throughout my life. My mother Lesley Hunte (nee Prior) and my Aunt Louisa Foenander (nee Prior).  My earliest memories are of these two ladies practicing yoga and me sifting through yoga books on my Mum’s bookshelf and trying to imitate the poses. I think I was only about five at the time.

Later on, I found myself in awe of a teacher who demonstrated the Peacock pose in a P.E. class and taught us the Sun Salutation series.

In case you’re wondering what the Peacock pose is, here it is below in all its glory and I’m still working on it!

Leanne cares. She always shows that she cares for our wellbeing both physically and psychologically – Her voice is very calming and the music she uses is absolutely spot on.

Nick O.

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